It's Choc-Mint to Be Choc Ripple Cake

For 6 lucky people

We may have just created the ultimate choc ripple cake... Who are we kidding?! We definitely have created the ultimate choc ripple cake.

Chocolate-y goodness with a hint of minty freshness. Yes please!


Break a small portion of the chocolate ripple biscuits so they have one flat side. (Eat those leftovers – waste not, want not!). Have a platter nearby for assembly.


Working quickly, sandwich one pop between 6 choc ripple bikkies. Repeat until you fill your platter. Make sure the sticks are easy to grab!


Those delicious pops might start to melt, so pop the platter back in the freezer for 10-15 minutes to chill out.


Before you can dig in, you need to pimp this ripple cake. Dollop big spoonfuls of coconut yoghurt on top, scatter with crushed Peppermint Crisp (or your fave choccy bar). And then, DEVOUR.