Doing Better

Here at Proud & Punch, we really care about what happens to our beautiful planet. After all, it’s the only one we’ve got.

Our Philosophy

We know that waste is inevitable in our industry and we’re the first to say we don’t have it all figured out. But, we are working hard to reduce our environmental impact day by day so we can continue to make feel-good pops that are simple, real and yum.

Proud partners of


We are a VERY proud partner of REDCycle. Those wonderful, amazing people are committed to keeping soft plastics out of landfill and giving them new life as outdoor furniture, roads, bollards, signage and more. Check out the nifty infographic below on how to do your bit and keep that plastic out of landfill.

Giving your wrappers a new life

Instead of your wrappers ending up in landfill (after you’ve gobbled the pop), drop them off at a REDcycle collection point.
Gobble down your pop and make sure you’ve eaten every last mouthful!
Collect the wrappers and give them a wash (that’s if you haven’t already licked them clean).
Drop them off at your nearest supermarket REDcycle bin and they’ll do the rest!

All Your Plant Based Dreams Come True

Every time we say yes to less dairy, we know we are helping out the planet. That’s why every single Proud & Punch pop is certified by Vegan Australia. We make our pops super, duper creamy & dreamy by using nutty almond milk or even nuttier (if possible) coconut cream. Not only are we doing a little bit of good but it means that everyone can have a simply real & bloody yum frozen treat on the regular.

One Pop Stick at a Time

A pop without a stick just ain’t a pop at all. Our Proud & Punch sticks are made from logs that are traceable to sustainably managed forests and are 100% compliant with FSC regulations.