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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Are your products vegan?

Absolutely. Every delightful pop we make is plant-based, 100% vegan certified and suitable for all our vegan friends.

Are your products halal?

None of our pops are currently halal certified. BUT, the good news is that our Chocolate, That’s Bananas and It’s Choc-Mint to Be pops are vegetarian-friendly and do not contain any alcohol.

Are your products gluten free?

With the exception of ‘Cookies ‘n’ Dream’, they certainly are! And good news for our friends who need gluten free; our gluten free products are endorsed bv Coeliac Australia. Yippee!


Are your products dairy-free/lactose free?

No. While we haven’t chucked any dairy into our top-secret recipes, our pops are manufactured in a facility that also handles dairy ingredients. This means there could be cross-contamination between our Proud & Punch pops and dairy.

We have a very thorough cleaning process however, we cannot guarantee our pops do not contain dairy.

Are your products sugar free?

Life without sugar would be dull, no? We don’t use any nasty artificial sweeteners, preferring to use a little bit of sugar and fruit to make our pops delish.

Are your products kosher?

Our delicious Coconuts for Mango, Chocolate, That’s Bananas and It’s Choc-Mint to Be pops are all Kosher Certified.

Are your products made in Australia?

Local for the win! All our Proud & Punch pops are made (proudly we might add) in Australia.

Do your products contain palm oil?

Nah, that’s not really our thing. We steer clear of palm oil when it comes to our pops.

How many calories are there in each pop?

It depends on which pop you’re talking about. But all of our pops are less than 100 calories per serve!!!!

Doing Better

Can I recycle your packaging?

All of our P&P boxes can be recycled in your home recycling bins. For those pop wrappers, we’ve partnered with RedCycle to keep that plastic out of landfill and repurpose into useful things like park benches and roads. Find out more here.


Where do I buy your products?

You can find us in Woolworths and Coles, hanging out in the freezer aisle. We’re also stocked in a number of independent supermarkets so keep your eyes peeled for us!

Why can’t I find my favourite products anymore?

Oh no! Isn’t that the worst!? Whilst we’re super proud of ALL of the products we’ve made over the years, we have had to make the VERY difficult decision to retire some of our faves to make way for brand new pack-a-punch flavours.