Our Story

Welcome to the world of Proud & Punch where we are all about feel-good treats that pack a flavour punch, with a dose of yum.

We know Aussies want feel-good treats that are simply yum. That’s why we started Proud & Punch. We proudly make delicious plant-based treats using real ingredients like caramel-y dates and Queensland bananas. Our Aussie made pops are guaranteed to pack a flavour punch without the nasties. That’s all just part of what makes Proud & Punch simple, real and yum.

We proudly make delicious plant-based treats using real ingredients like nutty almond milk or dreamy coconut cream.
An indulgent treat that’s actually good for you and less than 100 calories per pop? Oh, yes please.
It’s a no from us…to added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives because we know real food without them is so much better.
We are proudly Aussie born and bred. We source where we can from this golden land of OZ and make all our pops in Melbourne.

Real Ingredients

Take a peek at some of the absolutely YUM ingredients we use in our feel-good pops.
Aussie Almond Milk
You had me at almond milk. Aussie made and completely nutty, this milk makes our pops super creamy and completely yum.
Queensland Pineapple
We just love pineapples, ok? Especially when they are grown in good ol’ Queensland. Sweet, juicy, tangy and, above all, YUM.
Coconut Cream
We are, indeed, nuts for you coconut cream. Dreamy, creamy and oh-so yum.
Queensland Bananas
Our bananas are grown in the golden Queensland sunshine. Talk about banana-rama mania!
Choc Cookies
Satisfy those YUM cravings with indulgent choc cookie crumb. This isn’t a dream but it might as well be!
Real Dates
Fancy a date? So do we. Real dates with all their caramel-y flavour and melt-in-your-mouth texture. YUM.
Oh lime, you’re so sublime…Zesty with a bit of zing – that’s our kind of citrus!
Cocoa and Cacao
We all know life happens and chocolate helps, right? Well, we get our chocolate-y goodness hit from both cacao and cocoa – rich, delightful and delish.
Aussie Mango
Thanks for being mango-nificient, Aussie Mango. Juicy and full of goodness, this bright fruit makes our Coconuts for Mango pop taste like Summer all year round.
Pink Lady Apple
How do you like them apples? We like them a lot. Especially when they are sweet & tart Pink Ladies.